Audio Influencers: The Future Of Influencer Marketing for 2021 & Beyond

Audio Influencer Marketing

As the world becomes more and more digital, we continue to see new trends in social media marketing. One of these trends is that audio influencers are becoming increasingly popular. Audio influencers have a variety of benefits for brands, such as increased engagement rates and much higher conversion rates. In this blog post, we will explore what an audio influencer is and why they are so beneficial for a business using influencers.

Over the last decade brands have witnessed the incredible power of influencer marketing, but as the platforms get more and more saturated, its become increasingly more difficult for brands to stand out: enter audio apps such as Clubhouse. Clubhouse is an audio app that lets you share your stories with others who are in the same situation as you, or interested in the topic being curated. This means that the nature of what an influencer is and how they interact has changed. Audio influencers have a much more intimate relationship with their followers than traditional social media stars, because listeners can hear them in person rather than just see them in a photo. Listeners can really hear a story behind a brand, and we as humans are natural story tellers, we love a good story.

The Clubhouse App launched its beta in 2020 and it quickly took off. Leading influencers on the platform such as Bomani have garnered followings of over 3 million followers, creating a powerful brand and platform. So what does this mean for brands and the future of influencer marketing?

Brands can connect with potential customers on a whole other level than ever before. Getting a more intimate relationship with their followers by using audio influencers and curating discussions. They are able to tell their stories behind the products, or founders and create a powerful lasting impressions on listeners. This also means that brands will have FAR less competition for attention, and a much easier way to stand out in the noise. The power of audio influencers can have listeners connecting on a whole other level, with a far bigger ROI. How? Brands can sponsor Clubhouse rooms, or other audio apps, hosted by leading influencers on the platform with a direct call to action.

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