Learn how to build a business from the ground up with award-winning, serial entrepreneur Emily Lyons.

Become a self-made success, grow your dream business from the ground up, and from there watch your sales grow steadily.





Getting Started – Unlearning Self-Limiting Beliefs and Imposter Syndrome

Unlearning Self Limiting Beliefs in Order to Dare Greatly.

Finding Your Passions

Finding Your Passion Part 2: Following Through

When You Feel Clueless, Get Creative

Planning and Protecting Your Vision

Building a Team: Flowers v Weeds

(Inter)Personal Survival Skills

Networking and Social Anxiety

Networking Strategy

The Psychology of Networking Pt. 2

So You’ve Connected: Now, Follow Through and Maintain

The Internet is FREE: Use it.


Social Media

Groundwork Part 2

Do Your Homework

Who Are You?

Storytelling and Aesthetic

Action Plan

A Sample Sale

Sales Can Happen Literally Anywhere

A Hodge-podge of Sales Techniques That Work for Me

My Tried-And-True Sales Techniques Continued…

Handling Competitors, Part 1

Handling Competitors, Part 2

Handling Growth, Part 1

Handling Growth, Part 2

Story Time – Emily Lyons, CEO, Unfiltered

Behind Every Success is a Crisis (Or Two…) Overcome.

The Silver Linings of Failure

Your Self Worth Is Not Tied To Your Net Worth! (Just FYI)

Weeks 1- 4

Confidence and Being Your Own Hero – Course Full Circle

Gender Bias in Business

Little Things Mean A Lot

Conduct, Ethics and a Final Note