[Episode #10] How To Find Your Purpose, Make A Difference & Love Yourself with Roxy Earle

Roxy Earle

On this episode I talk with my friend and fellow Torontonian Roxy Earle. Roxy is a former reality TV star (Real Housewives of Toronto), turned CEO and body positive activist.

Roxy took the platform she was given being on a reality show and transformed it into a movement. After seeing all the headlines in the media of her being the “First Plus Size Housewife,” she was shocked that her body was such a topic. She never considered herself to be “plus size” but just loved herself as she was. Women loved Roxy’s confidence and how she refused to lose weight or fit in any “box.” This led her to starting the My Size Rox movement, where she empowers young women and men to love themselves at ANY size. She also collaborates with top fashion designers on body inclusive lines. 

Roxy has dealt with a large amount of criticism being in the public eye. From her curvy body size, to her views on social media, many have had opinions for Roxy. We talk about how to stay true to your mission and values, and not listening to what others have to say. How to find your passion, use every opportunity you’re given in life, make a difference and most importantly – loving yourself!

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