[Episode #18] Going Viral with Kelleth Cuthbert

Fiji Water Girl

Today I sit down with my wonderful friend Kelleth Cuthbert. In January 2019 Kelleth became a viral sensation while working the Golden Globes as a water girl. Within a matter of hours she was all over every major news outlet, millions of memes were being shared of her, fan accounts created and even paparazzi waiting in her driveway. She generated an estimated $12 MILLION worth of ad impressions for the brand she was representing.    Kelleth is a professional model, actress, influencer and dog rescuer. She opens up about the extreme experience that comes with going viral and dealing with both sudden significant praise, as well as the sudden significant hate from the public. We talk about the business of beauty, the ups, downs and unpredictability of modelling, dealing with physical criticism as a part of your job and treating it as a business in which she is the CEO.   

To learn more about Kelleth, you can visit her on instagram/twitter @kellethcuthbert 


Kelleth Cuthbert
Kelleth Cuthbert

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