[Episode #19] You Are Your Biggest Obstacle: How To Change Your Thinking and Change Your Life with Spencer Miller

Spencer Miller Motivational Speaker Toronto

Today I am chatting with my good friend, Spencer Miller!

Spencer is a world-renowned motivational speaker, actor, author and former ambassador for Canada. In this role, Spencer has traveled the world telling his story while working with and motivating some great people from Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela, Prince and Justin Timberlake to athletes such as Georges St Pierre, Roberto Alomar and the Toronto Raptors. Pretty impressive right? Well get this, he has done it all while confined to a wheelchair.   

When people first see Spencer Miller, most see his physical disability. Spencer has cerebral palsy and has been confided to a wheelchair his entire life. Many who see Spencer, see his disability and feel sorry for him. When in fact the opposite should be true. Spencer Miller is somebody who should be looked up to, someone who should be admired, and a strong mentor. Spencer is the very definition of the term “it’s not how many times you get knocked down in life, it’s how many times you get back up”. Spencer sets goals for himself and he attains those goals. His disability is not an excuse, simply an obstacle, one that he overcomes time and time again.    

Spencer shares how he motivates some of the top CEO’s, athletes and entertainers in the world, and how he himself overcomes obstacles and how you can too.   

You can find more about Spencer on Instagram @thespencermiller    



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