[Episode #20] Find Your Courage, Find Your Freedom With Shanee Moret

Shanee Moret

Have you ever had a defining moment in your life? For Shanee Moret it was this. Her young daughter was very sick in hospital. It had been 12 days that she had been there by her hospital bedside when her phone vibrates, its 10:00PM. It was a text message from her boss that said “Its been nearly two weeks, we need you back at work, isn’t there someone else that can stay with your daughter during the day?” Her boss knew there wasn’t, but sent it anyways. THAT was the moment. Nobody was going to pressure her to leave her sick daughters side. She didn’t return to work, and from that moment on she took control of her life, not just for her, but also for her daughter. Shanee found her courage that day, and also her freedom. So she changed her path and pivoted her life and career. She went on to co-found the company Medsnake Media, a successful health care company. She is now a healthcare marketing phenomenon, a top linkedin creator with over 2.5 million monthly views, a cancer survivor and goodwill ambassador. Find your courage and find your freedom!   

You can find more about Shanee on Instagram @shaneemoret    


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