[Episode #22] How To Build An Online Empire with Tamanna Roashan

Tamanna Roashan Dress Your Face

“Sometimes when there is not a road in front of you, you have to make it yourself.”  


Today I am chatting with beauty empire CEO Tamanna Roashan, also known as @DressYourFace on instagram with over 2.5 million followers. She is an LA based makeup artist-turned-beauty mogul. She used her unique teaching talents and ethnically diverse artistry to create a full fledged beauty business making her a founder & CEO at 29 and a self-made millionaire by age 30.   Today, she is one of the most sought-after International Beauty Educators in the world, selling-out massive hands-on master class shows across the globe, and teaching weekly classes on her very own platform DressYourFaceLIVE .com which is the 1st and #1 most subscribed-to LIVE online beauty tutorial site in the world.     She shares her story with me, the importance of building a loyal and strong following and just how YOU can do that. She is talking how to start small and grow from there! If you’re ready to get inspired and learn, then this is the episode for you.   

To learn more about Tamanna, visit her on instagram @dressyourface and her beauty school at www.dressyourfacelive.com.  

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