[Episode #24] How To Disrupt An Industry with Carinne Chambers-Saini

Carinne Chambers The Diva Cup

Revolutionizing an industry. Forging a new path. Breaking barriers. All things that my guest, Carinne Chambers-Saini, has done.

When she co-founded The Diva Cup with her mother back in 2001, they didn’t realize the struggle they would have in front of them. Over a decade of being shot down, having doors closed on them and hearing no, they finally had a massive yes! Now ranked one of Canada’s fastest growing company, reporting between 20-50 $Million in sales annually, with the global menstrual cups marker projected to reach $1.89 Billion by 2026. Carinne is sharing her story of getting people to believe in your vision, disrupting an industry, changing the narrative and persisting through adversities!

Carinne Chambers Saini Diva Cup

What an amazing interview. To learn more about Carinne, follow her on instagram at @carinne.chambers.saini, and her business @thedivacup

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