[Episode #9] A Woman In The Boys Club with Andi Petrillo

Andi Petrillo

So you don’t fit in a certain box, or the mould society sets for you? Break it!

Andi Petrillo is a successful Canadian woman in the male dominated industry of professional hockey. She’s a Canadian sports broadcaster that has broken boundaries through out her career. She became the first-ever female member to serve on a full-time basis with the Hockey Night in Canada studio team, is a broadcaster for the Olympic games, NHL and much more. Despite being told along the way that girls didn’t have a place in sports, Andi never gave up. She was determined to succeed in the things she was most passionate about – sports!

On this episode, Andi and I talk about how to make it as a woman in a competitive male dominated industry, how you find your voice, all things hockey, today’s cancel culture and so much more. Andi is inspiring not just for women, but for anyone looking to succeed in an unconventional situation!

To find more on Andi, visit her twitter @andipetrillo and instagram @andipetrillo33

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Andi Petrillo NHL
Andi Petrillo Hockey Night In Canada

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