Meet My Lyons Den Members!

I was thrilled to recently launch my new membership platform, The Lyons Den. I’m so passionate about helping other entrepreneurs level up. Getting to know so many inspiring new individuals joining the den, I decided to launch a monthly feature showcasing some of our members. This is the first one.

Meet Lilly Han & HYP

Lilly is the Founder of HYPHENOVA (HYP). HYP is a mission-driven full-service network, creator agency, and production house composed of exceptional creatives, artists, media and entertainment professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Lilly has two decades of experience across public, private, and startup ecosystems and is a committed leader in expanding opportunities for underestimated and underrepresented communities. She is an alum and prior lead of Startup Leadership Program as well as the Founder of Propel Program, an incubator for underestimated early stage founders. She serves on the advisory board of POWRPLNT, which is committed to providing digital arts education, resources, and mentorship to thrive in the creative economy. Check out more about HYP & Lilly at

Meet Gee Williams & Rumedii

Gee is the co-founder of Rumedii. Rumedii started after Gee could not find nutrient-dense products for her son King that has Short Gut Syndrome and Autism. She became a Nutritionist, Herbalist, Tea Sommelier, Hemp & Cannabis Consultant, and a Holistic Medicine Practitioner. Now bringing the finest products to your child and family with Rumedii. To learn more, visit

Meet Marta Smyk & Sol Glass Studio

Marta is the founder of Sol Glass Studio (formerly known as Fox’s Creations). She founded it in 2020 while working at Creative Glass Guild in Bristol. Looking at beautiful sheets of glass everyday filled her with so much wonder and inspiration that she decided to turn it into something more than a hobby. Most of her stunning pieces are inspired by nature, animals, bright colours and wilderness. View her work at

Meet Monica Monfre & Teach Wealthy Coaching

Monica is a six-figure side hustler and full-time high school teacher. She founded Teach Wealthy Coaching to help women who are ready to show up authentically and make money every day. After working with Monica, hundreds of women have gained the skill-set and confidence to become the boss of their own world! To learn more about Monica and Teach Wealthy Coaching, visit

Meet Armando Sacco & Sacco Real Estate

For over 30 years Armanda has been a leader in the real estate sector having accumulated extensive experience in both Italy and Canada! With a strong passions for innovation and professional training, being convinced that to best serve customers you need to be in step with the times and prepared on the subject. Proud to be a professional real estate agent, he is also an International REALTOR at NAR, the largest North American real estate agent association in the world. To learn more visit

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