Laying the Foundation for Entrepreneurship: The Canadian Perspective

Canadian Entrepreneurs

When you think of entrepreneurship, what comes to mind? For many people in Canada, it is a mix of excitement and fear. As an entrepreneur myself, I know how daunting the process can be. But with some preparation and guidance, you’ll find that entrepreneurship is easier than you might imagine.

Canadian entrepreneurs have a lot to be proud of. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, Canada is in 3rd place for entrepreneurship after Israel and New Zealand, with 8% of Canadians owning or operating an unincorporated business at some point in their lives.

The Canadian entrepreneurial spirit has helped create many successful businesses that export goods and services around the world. From real estate tycoons like Daniel Drimmer, who made his fortune selling homes across Ontario before branching out into other provinces; to tech giants like Michael Serbinis (the founder of Kobo), Canadians are proving they can compete on the global stage when it comes time for them to take a chance on themselves!

And while Canada has a thriving business climate, it’s important to remember that entrepreneurs can and do take risks. The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor also reports that more than 20% of Canadians have started their own businesses but did not continue with them over the next three years – meaning many people who are interested in entrepreneurship only give it a shot for one reason or another.

To help with the process of entrepreneurship – and to provide encouragement for those who might need it – we’ve put together a list of resources that can be found in Canada, at your fingertips!

Click on one of these links for more information: Canadian Businesses & Organizations; Government Resources; Tools & Services; Training & Courses.

Canadian Businesses & Organizations:

The Canadian Business Network is an online platform that connects entrepreneurs to resources, information and contacts.

Canadian Women in Entrepreneurship provides funding opportunities for women who want to start or grow their businesses.

Government Resources:

Canada has a number of government programs that help entrepreneurs with related services and assistance.

One such service is the Small Business Loans Program, which provides financial loans to start or grow an existing small business in Canada. To learn more about that program, click here!

For those seeking other government programs to support their entrepreneurship ambitions, there are lots of resources available on ServiceCanada’s website.

Tools & Services:

There are a number of services available to Canadian entrepreneurs that can help them with their endeavours. For example, the provincial and territorial governments have put together helpful guides for those who want to start or operate an unincorporated business in Canada!

Entrepreneurship Training & Canadian Small Business Courses:

As a serial, award-winning entrepreneur I love the art of business, and I learned the hard way; when I started out as an entrepreneur, I had no formal business skills, training or money but I DID have an idea and passion. I’ve built out an extensive training program for new and growing entrepreneurs on step by step training to launch and scale any business. Click here to learn more about, Building An Empire: The Startup Masterclass For Self-Made Entrepreneurship.

So what does it really take to start your own business in Canada? While there are a number of steps to be taken and resources to find, it’s important not to let fear get in the way. Entrepreneurship means taking risks – but those risks can lead you towards your dreams!

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