Less Comfort, More Courage.

less comfort more courage

Less comfort, more courage.

That’s what we need in order to live a life that is worth living. A life full of hope and determination. Learn the risks and rewards of being courageous, so you can start making decisions with less fear and more confidence.

The rewards of being courageous include a sense of accomplishment, empowerment and strength. These feelings will carry you through the hard times that come with living a life worth living. The risks of being courageous include risk-taking and the possibility of failure. But these are often times worth it in order to live that life. And so is everything else on this list:

Lack of safety, lack of certainty, rejection from society. There will always be some level discomfort around taking a chance or risking your security.

It’s normal to feel afraid when facing your fears head on but it won’t always be about conquering fear as much as managing it. When we manage our fears, we realize that they were never really there to harm us. And with this knowledge, it becomes easier to be brave and courageous in future situations because you know the rewards outweigh any risks involved.

When I started my first business back in 2009 I was scared. I had no safety net, I had no experience, and really no clue what I was doing. If I didn’t succeed the possibility of being homeless was a real one. Maybe it wasn’t the best decision, but I jumped in feet first. It completely changed the trajectory of my entire life. I’ve gotten so much more from it then I ever could have imagined. I found my purpose, my passion and a livelihood greater than I ever expected.

Being courageous is not always about taking on life’s challenges all at once or constantly going out of your comfort zone, but rather being present for both the good times and the tough. Showing up no matter what. If you want to do something, do it, and keep doing it. That is truly what separates the successful people. Being willing to simply show up again and again. To realize that going after your goals is a marathon and not a sprint. Angela Duckworth, Author of the best selling book Grit says, “Enthusiasm is common. Endurance is rare.” “No whining. No complaining. No excuses.”

The risks and rewards of being courageous are vast but ultimately it’s worth it to be authentic with yourself, face your fears head on for growth and live a life that has meaning. Doing what is easy will mean living a life that is hard, tackling what is hard will mean a life that is easy.

So what will you do today? I’ll show up, even if it means being a little uncomfortable.

Will You Show Up Today?


Header photo by Alison Malee, https://www.instagram.com/alison.malee/

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