The Psychology of Networking Pt. 2

I really like this quote by Michele Lawson, entrepreneur and author of “Unleashing Your Networking Mojo: “When you’re networking, you’re not just seeking new customers for your product; you’re seeking new business partners, future employees and valuable advisors. If you make it all about selling, you’ll miss out on valuable relationships and tips for business …

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Networking Strategy

Having a solid strategy isn’t as complicated as you may think. It simply means you have devised an approach and a method and you keep to it diligently. I make sure to carve out time in my schedule every week to network, whether that’s meeting a potential client for coffee or exchanging ideas over email. …

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Networking and Social Anxiety

I would wager to guess that all people feel anxiety in social settings to one degree or another. For some it’s minimal, for others it’s monumental. I belong to the latter. Yet! I have made networking a priority in my career, and its rewards far outweigh my fears and anxieties. Remember: Dare Greatly! This week’s …

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