Making Something Out Of Nothing: Introducing My Upcoming Course for Burgeoning Entrepreneurs. 

Entrepreneurship Course

I am so excited for this!

As many of you may know, I started my business as a high school dropout, with no business training and $80 to my name. All I had was an idea, drive and passion. These three things were my fuel to become the successful businesswoman I am today. 

I’ve shared bits and pieces of my unlikely story on social media and at public speaking events, but questions from other aspiring entrepreneurs kept coming. I’ve long been inspired to share how I made everything from nothing and with no experience, and how. My story is full of embarrassing mistakes and deep learning curves. It is a story of resilience. I know it’s a cliche, but if I can do it, you can too. 

In the past year, I’ve been working on writing a career memoir and an entrepreneurial e-course that covers everything I have learned and things I wished I had known earlier on, and then some. A huge part of making it in business is psychological, that is, unlearning self-defeating lies in order to have the courage to take your rightful seat at the table. With that in mind, a large portion of my course prompts you to examine your inner beliefs deeply, and re-wire self-defeating thoughts that may be holding you back from a successful career and financial freedom. Of course, it contains many practical lessons, but these can’t be executed unless we are in the right inner space to do so and soar. 

If you’re eager to turn your idea, your blog, your passion – whatever it may be – into a business, it’s entirely possible, even if you literally have nothing in the bank. Intrigued? Sign up to our mailing list below to be among the first informed when my e-course is launched! Launching April 1, 2021! I’m so excited to help you! 

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