Revealing My Own Personal Branding Secrets!

Personal Branding Expert - Emily Lyons

Hi Friends. I’m Emily, I’m a serial entrepreneur and personal branding lover. Branding isn’t just for massive companies and celebrities, it’s for everyone. A key strategy to my success has always been building a strong personal brand, and owning my story of who I am and the adversities i’ve overcome. Leadership begins with communicating your “why.” As author Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”

Today I want to share some of my personal branding secrets with you. You’ll learn what makes me successful in the world of marketing, and how to apply it to your own life. My personal branding strategy is based on my own experiences with building a successful brand and business that will keep you ahead of the curve in industry. I’ve been called ‘the best teacher’ for advice like this, so read on to learn more…

Personal Branding Is All About YOU

 It really doesn’t matter what it is you are trying to promote, whether that be your business services or yourself in a job interview. It comes down to one thing – who are you and what do you want to be known for? What do you want to come to mind when people hear YOUR name? If you could be come the go to expert for one topic, what would that be? Then add in what makes you unique! By leveraging your unique personality and gifts, you’ll be able to create a personal brand that is authentic, engaging and will have people coming back for more!

Have An Online Presence

This means having your own website. If you are just starting out, use free sites like wordpress or blogger until you can afford your own domain name. Make sure it’s about YOU – not the business services you offer. Once you have a website, add your blog and other social media profiles to it so people can easily find out more about who you are – not just what you do!

Get On Social Media (Duh!)

 This is where most of my personal branding happens online these days, because I’m active with engaging content that helps others see the real me. BE YOU – that’s what social media is all about – showing your real personality! The number one rule here is authenticity, so write posts as if you were talking to a friend in person. 

Be Consistent

I’m not just saying this for personal branding, it’s important for anything you are promoting. Start with your daily blog, then grow into other social media platforms like Facebook or YouTube videos where people can see more about the real you!

Test and Tweak

The beauty of social media is that if something isn’t working – change it up! Don’t be afraid to experiment. The only way to see what works for you is by going out there and doing it! 

Stand Out

At the end of the day, personal branding isn’t just about being ‘likeable’ – It’s also about standing out from your competition. How are you different? What makes people remember YOU ? That will help grow a loyal following and keep you competitive in your field. Don’t be afraid to stand for things that are important to you, even if people disagree with you.

Be Unique. Differentiate Yourself From The Competition

 It’s so important to be different, but not too different! How can you differentiate yourself without being a complete weirdo?! Once you have an idea of who YOU are and what matters most to YOU – try your best to incorporate those things into everything that is part of your own personal branding. So that means the way you show up on online, in interviews and in person.

 It’s Not Just About Social Media

Social media is a very important part of my personal branding strategy, but it doesn’t stop there. You also want to focus on media like your website, blog posts and videos. It’s also important to think about the way you show up in person – this includes everything from how you dress for an interview to the way that you present yourself during a networking event.

 You Must Be Consistent

Once again it comes down to YOU! What kind of vibe do YOU want people to get from you? How do YOU want people to feel when they meet with or interview you? No one wants a mixed message so once you have an idea of what it is that makes your unique, run with it and stay consistent.

Be Helpful!

Just like mentioned above about being different but not too weird – I also think it’s important to be helpful. People like people who are nice, these days everyone is so busy and overloaded with information that it can sometimes make you forget about what matters most – the person beside you! So when promoting yourself or your business think of ways in which YOU can help others

 Developing a powerful personal brand takes time and effort but it will help you stand out from the competition. It’s worth putting in that work because at the end of the day we all want the same thing – to feel connected, appreciated and heard!


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