Building an Empire – The Course for Self-Made Entrepreneurship

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Become a self-made success,
grow your dream business from the ground up,
and from there watch your sales grow steadily.


Over the years, I’ve constantly been asked for professional advice, so I’m happy to announce my carefully-built class, Building an Empire. This course is designed to help you fully thrive as an individual and business leader, and the work involved is a lifelong, beneficial practice.

In my opinion, traditional business schools don’t prepare you adequately for the wild world of entrepreneurship. With that in mind, this course addresses many of the unexpected curveballs you will be thrown and will help you prepare to learn on your feet and to be a creative problem solver and improviser.

Because I started with no resources, this course offers tools for those in a similar place. Something that is often overlooked in entrepreneurial education is that starting a business and growing a business involves a massive psychological component:

What are your self-limiting beliefs?
How do you undo them?
How do you thrive with confidence?

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