The Changing Face of Marketing In 2021

Marketing trends 2021


Consumer behaviour has changed greatly in the last year. More and more consumers are gravitating towards more authentic voices and relatable content producers. The success of brands such as Warby Parker and Everlane show that people care about the stories behind their products.


Ethical brands


Ethical brands have seen a resurgence in consumer trust, with customers demanding that brands use sustainable practices and eliminate the exploitation of vulnerable people. This is due to consumers taking more responsibility for their purchases. They want to know that what they buy will support ethical production methods and help preserve our environment rather than hurt it.


Digital media continues to dominate


Online marketing has continued to be an extremely important tool and brands not utilizing will certainly be left behind. Online ads are far more targeted than traditional forms and provide a faster return on investment for advertisers.

With ubiquitous internet connectivity now available in most developed countries. Marketers can reach customers around the world with simpler logistics and at lower cost; this opens up possibilities to scale international sales and to find the most relevant customers.


Less Kim Kardashian, more real “influencers”


One of the biggest shifts in marketing comes from social media, which continues to make a huge impact on how brands interact with their audiences. This is creating friendships between consumers and marketers that could never have existed only five years ago.

Social media lets people get closer to founders, CEO’s, influencers and celebrities than ever before- they’re seeing behind the scenes, getting access to exclusive content and becoming a part of the lives of people they idolize that are creating or representing the brands.

This is also evident with the continued domination of influencer marketing, however more brands are targeting “real” influencers and less Kim Kardashians. We have seen more and more brands wanting to partner with influencers who may not be celebrities, but have a significant following, and an authentic voice that consumers can relate to.


Create an emotional response


This trend has been further fuelled by an increased reliance on digital media to engage with audiences and build awareness. Digital media is also making it easier for brands to build a stronger connection with their customers, as they are more open to hearing from the people behind the company than ever before. They want stories more than ever before, ones that make them feel something.

The rise in these types of companies has also opened up new opportunities for small businesses to compete with major brands in the marketplace.


Audio Dominates


Audio continues to dominate in places like the podcasting world and new audio apps such as Clubhouse. With brands using this medium to offer engaging content in a way that is more human. This format has the ability to bring their audiences closer than ever before and create deep connections between them. To humanize the brands. We see audio influencers as the next big things for brands to jump on now.


Artificial Intelligence


Lastly, artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the way we do marketing and the way that businesses connect with consumers. Ads now can be so incredibly personalized its near impossible not to see something that’s relevant for you.

Even small businesses can utilize the power of AI to automate and save on wages. Using things such as chatbots and predictive analytics. Businesses are now able to better serve their customers at a fraction of the cost.

The goal of marketing in 2021 is not simply ‘to sell’ but to ‘inspire.’ To create an emotional response in people that compels them to purchase.


What changes have you seen in your own marketing? Let us know below!

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