The Universe Has Your Back: Mindset for Happiness and Success

The Universe Has Your Back

The Universe has your back. 

 The idea that the universe has your back is not a new one, but it’s worth repeating as often as possible, because this simple phrase can change the way you see the world and how you react to things. 

When we feel like life isn’t going our way, it’s easy to get caught up in negativity and start feeling sorry for ourselves. But if we remember that the universe has our backs then we will be able to work through these tough times with ease knowing that everything will eventually turn out alright in the end! 

Things happen in life that we can’t control, the universe is the force that creates and destroys everything. You can’t control the weather, you can’t stop the seasons from changing or make it snow when there’s a heat wave in December! When we take on this mindset that we can’t control, we start to see things differently; instead of getting angry at the universe for the bad things that happen to us we start to see the bigger picture. As long as you learn from mistakes and failures, you will grow as a person and become stronger because of it.

We can always choose how to respond to situations. Life is a series of choices and if you don’t like your current situation – then change it! You have more power than you think so stop waiting for things to happen and start making them happen. Don’t wait around hoping that something good will suddenly come into your life, make your life happen! You can’t control the universe but you can choose to be happy. If things don’t turn out as planned, be patient and keep working towards your goals.

It’s OK to ask the universe for help! There is nothing wrong with reaching out and hoping that things will go a certain way, it doesn’t make you weak or pathetic. If life isn’t going how you want then do something about it – tell the universe what you need and start focusing on what you want. You will start to see things change, eventually! What you focus on will expand so put your attention on the good things in life because every time you do something positive will happen.

The more that we focus on fear and negativity then the harder life becomes, but if we start focusing on happiness and joy, then eventually those feelings will become a reality. Life is up to you, it’s your choice! Choose happiness and the universe will reward you.

Now that we know how much power we have over our lives and what can happen if we start using this power, let’s go through some ways on how to do just that:

  • Self care! Take time to do things that make you happy, spend your free time doing activities that will benefit your health. This could be anything from going for a walk in the park or cooking yourself a nice meal; whatever it is – do something positive every day and you’ll start seeing results quickly!
  • Meditate. By meditating we take the time out of our day to focus on ourselves and appreciate all that we have. Meditation can be as simple as sitting in a quiet room for five minutes, closing your eyes and taking deep breaths; it’s good practice for when things start going wrong!
  • Be patient. Nothing is ever instant or immediate, you will need to work hard if you want to see anything good come from your life. Let things happen naturally and don’t force them, if you do then it will be a lot harder for the positive changes in your life to stick around!

  • Be grateful. You learn how much power you have over your emotions when you start being thankful every day; count all of the little things that make you smile and appreciate them. Being grateful for all of the amazing things in your life will cause a domino effect where everything else starts to fall into place!

  • Focus on what makes you happy. If we focus on negative feelings then that’s exactly what we’ll get, it’s time to be positive about your life and see how good it can become! When you’re feeling down or things are going wrong then think about all of the amazing things that are happening to you every day, it will get your mind off of anything bad and bring a smile to your face.

  • Rather than thinking about what’s not working in life, start looking at how good everything else is! Stop worrying about what you don’t have and start being grateful for the things that your life does provide. If we focus on all of the negative then it’s going to be a lot harder for us to move forward, let go of everything bad in your life and make some room for happiness!

  • Be resilient. There are always going to be challenges in life but it’s how we deal with them that will make the difference! Life is about ups and downs, you won’t get through without having a few bad experiences. You may have heard this before but nothing good ever comes easy so stop complaining and start working towards your goals!

  • Take action now. If there’s something that you’re not happy about in your life then do something to change it! If you don’t take action on anything then there is no point of thinking or talking about what could be, just get out there and make a positive difference.

When we realize how much power we have over our lives then the whole world changes for us! If we learn to change our mindset then everything else will fall into place. It’s time to take control of your life and start being positive, you’ll see the difference in no time!

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